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Functional MRI applications for intra-axial brain tumours: uses and nuances in surgical practise

Update on FLAIR Fusion in Multiple Sclerosis Follow-up and Beyond:
An Indispensable Tool in Clinical Routine

Syllabus Contribution - Methods En Vogue-How Have They Fared Over Time?

Bayesian Inference for Brain Activity from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Collected at Two Spatial Resolutions

Presurgical Localization of the Primary Sensorimotor Cortex in Gliomas

Functional MRI in clinical practice: Applications, methods and controversies


Oncolytic H-1 parvovirus shows safety and signs of immunogenic activity in a first phase I/IIa glioblastoma trial

Brain white matter fibre tracts: a review of functional neuro-oncological relevance

Voxelwise distribution of acute ischemic stroke lesions in patients with newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation: Trigger of arrhythmia or only target of embolism?

Mehr Qualität in einem Bruchteil der Zeit

Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS) Imaging for Pre-Surgical BOLD fMRI and Diffusion Tractography: Case Illustrations




"Cerrahi öncesi BOLD fMRI ve difüzyon traktografisi için eşzamanlı çoklu kesitli (SMS) görüntüleme: vaka örnekleri"



"術前BOLD fMRIおよび拡散トラクトグラフィにおける Simultaneous Multi-Slice(SMS)撮像:症例研究"



Simultaneous Multi-Slice Imaging for Resting-State fMRI

Erratum to: State-of-the-art MRI techniques in neuroradiology: principles, pitfalls, and clinical applications

Case Report: High-Resolution Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS) RESOLVE Diffusion Neurography for Evaluation of Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Syndrome and Neuropathy

Responses of the Human Brain to Mild Dehydration and Rehydration Explored In Vivo by 1H-MR Imaging and Spectroscopy

Pre-surgical fMRI Data Analysis Using a Spatially Adaptive Conditionally Autoregressive Model

Manifestations of early brain recovery associated with abstinence from alcoholism

Boosting BOLD fMRI by K-Space Density Weighted Echo Planar Imaging

Combined Acquisition Technique (CAT) for Neuroimaging of Multiple Sclerosis at Low Specific Absorption Rates (SAR)

A Brain Network Processing the Age of Faces

Detection of the Scanner’s Genuine Gradient Noise by Functional Echo Planar Imaging

Entwicklung neuer MR-Verfahren zur Detektion minimaler struktureller, metabolischer und funktioneller zerebraler Veränderungen unter physiologischen und pathologischen Bedingungen

EPI-Geräusche klinisch nutzbar gemacht: Objektiver fMRT-Nachweis von Hörvermögen allein mit dem Scanner

Toward assessing language lateralization with resting-state fMRI

Evaluating statistical procedures using different signal sources: a case study with alternative-based thresholding (Teil der PhD-Arbeit von Joke Durnez, Gent).

Multimodal population brain imaging in the UK Biobank prospective epidemiological study


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Excavating Meckel's cave: Cavum-trigeminale-cephaloceles (CTCs)

A mixed-effects, spatially varying coefficients model with application to multi-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging data


Coverbild von MAGNETOM Flash - The Magazine of MRI mit Bilddaten der Radiologie Bamberg

"Simultaneous Multi-Slice Supplement"

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